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Wrist Brace (no Boa)

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Intended for carpal bone injuries such as lunate, pisiform, or triquietral fractures, scapho-lunate dislocations, triangular fibro-cartilage complex (TFCC) tears, radio-carpal ligament injuries, or minimally displaced or stable distal radius or distal styloid fractures. May be used to support stable wrist fractures. May be used to control wrist motion for other injuries that require stabilization. Does not contain latex. Features and Benefits:-The ability to thermoform and custom fit the Brace to the patient's extremity ensures a comfortable fit.-The openings around the base of the thumb (thenar eminence) and across the palmar crease enable range of motion and provide greater comfort without loss of stability.-Detachable nylon strap across the web space provides comfortable, adjustable control distally.

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