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Thumb Spica Fracture Brace

Category: Braces & Supports

Designed to provide stabilization to the thumb, first metacarpophalangeal (MCP) joint, the first carpometacarpal (CMC) joint, wrist joint, distal radius and distal ulna. Useful for all injuries to the thumb, such as Bennett’s or complex Rolando’s fractures, suspected or confirmed navicular (scaphoid) fractures, and for other carpal bone injuries. Also useful for fractures to the distal radius and/or distal ulna, Colles fractures, Salter-Harris pediatric wrist and forearm injuries. Used for acute injuries as well as for post-op support. Does not contain latex. 

Features and Benefits:
-The ability to thermoform and custom fit the Brace to the patient's extremity ensures a comfortable fit.
-Top cover made of hook compatible material will accommodate hook-and-loop attachment anywhere on the brace.
-Bivalve thumb opening accommodates swelling or dressings to provide a better fit.
-Extended length of the thumb for maximum protection and can be trimmed (as directed by the physician).
-Full hook-and-loop release ribbon allows for easier and more comfortable application, removal and reapplication of the brace.
-BOA Closure System allows for quick adjustment in circumferential compression.

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