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Donjoy Stabilizing Ankle

Category: Braces & Supports

  • The DonJoy Stabilizing ankle brace provides compressive support, which prevents you from injuring your ankle if you suffer from an existing injury or weak ankles. This brace will also protect your ankle from over rotation. We recommend this brace for day-to-day activities and light exercise like walking.

    Designed to fit comfortably in your shoes, the DonJoy Stabilizing ankle brace is fully adjustable using figure 8 straps so you get a custom fit. This brace has a universal design so it can fit on your right or left foot.

    The DonJoy Stabilizing ankle brace is used to treat or prevent the following injuries:
  • Chronic Ankle Instability
  • Ankle Sprains or Strains

Product Features…and the benefits you’ll experience!

  • Figure 8 straps
    These straps are completely adjustable which allows you to find the perfect fit, while protecting you from rolling your ankle.
  • Sturdy, non-nylon construction
    This cool mesh construction keeps your foot and ankle cool and comfortable during use.
  • Universal design
    You can use the brace on your right or left ankle giving you completely flexibility to use this brace on either foot when you need it.
  • Removable stays
    Removable medial/lateral plastic stays

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